10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Tattoo


There’s a risk of infection or worse

Applying a tattoo is literally stabbing your skin to put ink through underneath it. Because it punctures the skin, if the needle is not sterile it can introduce infection or diseases like Hepatitis C or even HIV. Even if the needle is properly sterilized and all precautions are taken, there’s no guarantee you won’t have a reaction to the ink itself. You could have an allergic reaction, or the ink could dissipate into your system leaving you with scarred skin that would need to be inked over again. 

If you’re at risk for skin cancer

If you’ve had it or have a family history of melanoma, there’s a small chance you could activate cancer from the placement of tattoo ink. This only applies if you have a risk of skin cancer; it does not mean that tattoos cause cancer. But by introducing metals and dyes into your system through the ink, there’s a chance that your immune system’s reaction will lead to the formation of unhealthy cells. 

What you don’t know about your artist and their work

The sad thing is that unless you research your artist well you may end up with a terrible tattoo. The internet is full of pictures of poorly executed art and it’s mostly because of the inexperience of the artist. No matter how cool their sample art looks on the wall, you don’t know if they actually drew them. And drawing on paper and tattooing on the skin are not the same. And of course, there are no erasing tattoos from the skin, at least not to the point of looking new again. Because…

Tattoo removal is not easy

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